About Me

I am a designer and visual communications consultant based out of Orange County, California. Creativity was passed down to me from my parents. Design is in my genes and I am predominantly self-taught in all aspects of my work. I value my lack of traditional training deeply. I feel that it allows me to shed the notion of how things “should” be done.

I find pleasure working in both CMYK and RGB colorspaces and have a burning passion for only using the asterisk where absolutely necessary. I have agency and freelance experience with high profile clients in the many industries including the worlds of broadcast entertainment, action sports and technology development.

Design goes beyond color, type and shape. My approach to design is begins with the why. User experience and interactive feedback between a user and a product – be it a website, mobile app, poster or social movement – is always the cornerstone of good design. Without understanding the purpose, how can one possibly expect to develop a solution?